Uses Of Night Guards For Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

night guard

Dental mouth guards are dental appliances that are used for protecting the jawline and for treating sleep apnea, snoring and other jaw related issues. These mouth guards are custom made, and they are designed to suit each customer. According to, this is much more beneficial than using mouthpieces which cause more harm than good. Websites such as also suggest this as the best option for avoiding temporomandibular joint disorder.

For treating the temporomandibular disorder, mouth guards act as the nightguard. They are very helpful for treating various issues such as sleep apnea, protection during sports activity and also to prevent snoring. Made up of strong acrylic materials that prevent you from clenching or grinding the teeth while sleeping.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a cause of concern for many people. People who experience jaw or joint clicking, regular headaches and ear pain are susceptible to this dental issue. It results causing pain and discomfort while opening the mouth, sensitivity problems in teeth and also pain not only in your mouth but also in associated regions such as ears, shoulders, neck and back.

The reason temporomandibular joint is of concern is that the joint involved in this disorder connects the jaws to the skull enabling the jaws to move while talking, eating and yawning. If there is a problem in this joint, it leads to severe pain and other effects such as grinding and clenching your teeth.

One of the best ways to prevent TMJ is by using night guards. These guards prevent the upper and lower teeth portions from coming in contact with each other thus preventing grinding and clenching. It rests jaw in the comfortable position allowing it to relax. As the jaw relaxes, the pain you experience in your jaw also comes down.

Use only mouth guards that are prescribed by a certified orthodontist. Do not buy a mouth guard on your try to use it as it might cause injury to your jaw and teeth.